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Psychobud Music was born out of the early OC punk rock scene. The band’s unconventional sound originated by recording “creep songs” in a garage near the border of Westminster and Garden Grove, CA in an area now known as Little Saigon. This website is a collection of select recordings transcending genres and representing the eclectic nature of the music, the people and the bands involved. More…

PSYCHOBUD album release: Catharsis

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Latest album includes 7 unreleased tracks. Don’t Begin (it will never end), Cigarettes, Beautiful Beginning, Say Goodbye, Unabandoned, Imitator and Darkness Gives Birth. Produced by Joe Bali

Available on iTunes 

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Darkness Gives Birth To Light

Psychobud is announcing the world wide digital release of the new single and video for “Darkness Gives Birth” available now. The song stemmed from an earlier creep song the band messed around with in live shows back in the day but now has been resurrected. 


Download Darkness Gives Birth on ITunes

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See the Darkness Gives Birth video   



Free Soul Revival

Free Soul Revival is a music project produced by Joe Bali and featuring talented Diva Gray, vocalist from the classic disco group Chic.



New album Amazing Super Power of Off now released from FreeSoul Revival. Includes remastered remixes of singles, Freedom 4 Breakfast, I Nada Color, SkyRocket and Feeling Good As I Am. The album was produced by Joe Bali and features the legendary voice of the incomparable disco vocalist from Chic, Diva Gray. The song Total Control will be released as a video single. The album contains 14 songs including 10 previously unreleased tracks written and produced by Joe Bali.

What is it exactly…more…

FREE SOUL REVIVAL’s new single: Sky Rocket

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Features Rob Turrell on guitar. Produced by Joe Bali


Available on iTunes

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