Creep Songs


               Welcome to the “creep songs” page. One thing for sure…this list of songs will be expanding.  A creep song is a musical idea spontaneously created, performed and improvised with a carefree attitude and a fearless spirit. This page contains a mixed bag of creep songs and unreleased demos. 

“Psychedelic Butterfly is waiting for you – Psychedelic Butterfly go to the zoo –                                 Doesn’t really matter you won’t find him there – Psychedelic Butterfly is everywhere” 

Pretty Face – ft. Seph Marx, Dave Rhine, Larry Rainwater (1983)

Mechcala (Heavens In Your Eye) – ft. Dan the Bull, Mikey, Paul Smith (1982)

Not To Blame – ft. Paul Smith, Seph Marx, Bob Cave, Mikey, Jim B, Doug Summers (1981)

The Drunk – ft. Dan the Bull, Seph Marx, Paul Smith, Mikey (1981)

By The Fire (original creep)  – ft. Dan the Bull, Doug Summers, Paul Smith, Mikey  (1980)

Love A Little Girl  – ft. Dave Rhine, Mikey, Seph Marx  (1981)

Nasty World – ft. Mikey, Seph Marx, Paul Smith, Doug Summers, Jim B (1979)

Contemplating Suicide (original creep)  – ft. Dave Rhine, Mikey, Seph Marx, Paul Smith, Jim B, Gino Lamont (1979)

Witch Song – ft. Dave Rhine, Paul Smith, Jim B, Mikey, Seph Marx, Bob Adams, Bob Cave, Doug Summers, Larry Rainwater (1980)

It’s Not Even Worth It – creep recording featuring Psychobud w/Dan Carpenter on sax, Seph, Jim B, Mikey, Paul Smith, Gino Lamont (1980)

Dog U Out – Demo ft. Mikey/Joe Bali and Joe Young  (2006)

Train Song – ft. Dan the Bull  (1980)

We Know We Bad – ft. Joe Bali  (1990)

Funeral Song – ft. Bob Cave (wind) Mikey, Paul Smith, Seph Marx (1980)

Love For Beauty – ft. Seph Marx, Paul Smith, Mikey, Jim B, Doug Summers  (1981)

Waiting For The Accident (original creep) – ft. Jim B, Paul Smith, Mikey, Doug Summers, Seph Marx (1981)

Die In My Sleep – ft. Paul Smith, Seph Marx (1981)

Damned Trend – ft. Paul Smith (1980)

Magic Cash – ft. Steve Krall, Jim B, Mikey, Joe Bali  (1994)

Sighs Of Love (Dr Dream mix) – ft. Greg Kuehn, Psychobud, Mike Hutchinson  (1984)

Double Cross (original creep) – ft. Joe Bali (1993)

Data Data (original creep) – ft. Gino Lamont, Paul Smith, Jim B, Seph Marx  (1980)

Here’s Our Correspondent (original creep) – Bob Cave, Doug Summers, Mikey, Paul Smith, Seph Marx (1980)

Windy (creep) – ft. Mikey  (1981)