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A man with home and a wife with a child suddenly becomes increasingly unstable as his old patterns of drug and alcohol abuse finally push his wife and young daughter to bolt out of their home on a rainy Saturday night. This song is about the journey the man takes that night. A psychedelic road trip that will lead him to split from his troubled past and end up in a prophetic rendezvous with his true self.


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Darkness Gives Birth (To Light)

Contemplating me alive

Contemplating life itself

Contemplate awaking myself

Contemplate redundancies

I don’t know what I want like or need

Never mind what I said


Taking me all over


Psychedelic Butterfly

Darkness gives birth to the light

Contemplating splitting myself

Contemplate reformity

I see we always get what we feel

It’s no mistake what we get

I only meant to be free

Of needing you all over


I was driving down the freeway

And I was moving real fast

I looked up ahead of me

And I could myself standing up on an overpass

My hands were gripping the railing

And my hands were gripping the wheel

My eyes were beaming right at me

My tension is all I could feel

It’s starting beginning to be over

Commencing initializing it’s over

I’m clenching and gripping it’s over

Preparing despairing it’s over

Suddenly…darkness hit like a big fist

The moon was out this was no total eclipse

I could feel the fury of a falling star

Next thing I knew…

Next thing I knew I landed right on (my car) myself



I just arrived here…

I’m not…I’m not sure yet what happened…

Yeah this is officer Preston Prescott with the Los Angeles police department…

seems that we have got a problem here…

with a man…

that apparently committed suicide…

by jumpin onto a car…

off an overpass…

on the 405 freeway…

and the strangest thing…

is that the man…

that jumped and killed himself…

seems to be identified…

as the same man…

that was driving…

the car


wake up daddy…

daddy wake up


Produced by Seph Marx and Mikey

Composers – Joseph M Balistreri/Michael Vincent Balistreri/James Richard Balistreri

©2007 psychobud music/BMI

psychobud 2008 -4 crop  small                                                  Jeff Hollen, Jim B, Seph Marx, Mikey, John Hollen